All About Waves

Our Background

Founded in 2014, WAVES Surfing School provides classes for beginning and seasoned surfers. The National Instructors and Surf Schools Association accredit WAVES Surfing School. Our trainers are all certified with the SSA as well as Red Cross and First Aid.

Classes We Provide

Our classes are tailored to your needs. We provide instruction in basic surfing techniques and advanced techniques from cutbacks to boosts to hobble-bobbles. Choose a private or group lesson. Grommets can participate in 1, 3, or 5 half-day courses. We also sponsor surfing camps with catered meals and lodging.

Our Mission

“To provide the ultimate environment…”

When you combine highly trained instructors, the right equipment, and the successful practices of WAVES Systems, what you get is a truly great place to learn.

“…for teaching and learning…”

The teacher needs the student just as much as the student needs the teacher.

“…the practices and values of the surf and ocean lifestyle.”

WAVES respects surf culture and what it teaches us about ourselves. The waterman discipline is a healthy and positive way of life.

Meet Our Instructors

Like surf schools, instructors need to be certified in order to teach surf. Surf lessons are serious business. Not only you can't predict Nature's behavior, but you must also ensure everyone stays safe and doesn't put others at risk. The International Surfing Association (ISA) is the governing body for the sport of surfing. Therefore, it is the only organization you should consider to receive formal and officially recognized training as a surf instructor. The ISA Surf Coaching & Instructing Educational Program is the internationally recognized standard accreditation used in the surf school world.

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Juan Domingo, 45

Owner, Founder of WAVES Surfing School

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Jane Sabado, 27

Women's Head Instructor

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Joe "Big Surf" Smith, 28

Pro Surfer, Men's Head Instructor

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